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Directors Needed!

We have 15 short plays which will be performed one day between the 19th-23rd at Pleasance Theatre in London as part of Science Fiction Theatre Festival. Tech will be on 17th or 18th TBC.


  • Length: Plays are 10-15 minutes per play.

  • Cast: Up to 4 performers maximum.

  • Set restrictions: The stage will be shared with several other companies; time for setting up will be minimal.

  • You can cast professional actors you've worked with before, we'll also put a callout on our network to support you as well.

  • Diversity matters. Directors must keep this in mind when casting roles for their production.

  • This is a profit-share project and it is self-funded. No one is getting paid at the moment but any profit will be shared among the artists involved this year.

  • We do not provide rehearsal space, this would be up to the directors/writers to arrange on their own. Please do not apply if this will be an issue for you.

This is a creative, supportive and wonderful opportunity to showcase work and talent. Last year's festival connected a lot of artists who have ended up working on other projects after the festival.

Apply by emailing us your CV to:

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