We need actors! A lot of actors!

If you are a professional actor, we need you!

We are looking for talented and committed actors, willing to take the challenge of bringing to life some incredible new science fiction plays. Are you ready for time travelling, robots, aliens and... who knows what more?


Apply filling in the form and adding your Spotlight or Mandy link or website. Please, note that if you don't have a Spotlight or Mandy profile we won't be able to process your application.


Click on to apply:



The directors will view your link and if they are interested will get in touch with you directly. Make sure your details, email address are active and updated so they can contact you.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase work and talent. Last year's festival connected a lot of artists who have ended up working on other projects after the festival. It's also an excellent chance to showcase your work to industry professionals at Pleasance Theatre, one of the most exciting venues in London!

Please note that, ethnicity is not relevant to the roles. We strongly encourage diverse, BAME castings.

  • Length: Plays are 10-15 minutes per play.

  • Cast: Up to 4 performers per play.

  • Actors must all be off-book for the performance.

  • Dates of the festival are: Mon 27th May to 1st June.

  • Tech will most likely be on the 26th May TBC.

  • Rehearsal are to be arranged directly with the director.

  • This is a profit-share project and it is self-funded. No one is getting paid at the moment but any profit will be shared among the artists involved this year.

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