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Fumi Gomez is a freelance film and theatre director. She is co-founder of Horatio Productions, specialised in new writing for science fiction theatre and film. Co-founder of the Science Fiction Theatre Festival.


She is heavily invested in theatre and film that speaks from a female, intersectional, culturally diverse, perspective, in a way that is unique, political and entertaining.

Future sci-fi work: Directing Antarctica a comedy about climate change and AI with the collaboration of King's College London which will be the main show featured during the 3rd edition Science Fiction Theatre Festival at The Pleasance (London). 


Currently a freelance associate artist of the National Youth Theatre. She is also the founder of Making Films, a guerrilla filmmaking community and film challenge. Making Films has over 1700 members and has curated and screened 57 short films. Supporters include: Sci-Fi London, and Raindance.


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