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Juan Echenique is a latinx, neurodivergent actor, writer and voice artist. He has written and published over 20 books during the last two decades. He started off by collaborating with fashion magazines and Science Fiction and Role Playing Games related publications.

In 2014, he started Horatio Productions, together with Fumi Gomez. The purpose of the company was to seek a new storytelling language both in theatre and film. Since then, they have produced Juan Echenique's plays H7, Red Button, and ReGen. Red Button had sold out runs both at Camden Fringe 2016, and Edinburgh Fringe 2017. It was while writing it when Juan Echenique realised that there is much more to science fiction than meets the eye, as it allows theatre makers to discuss topics of social and political relevance from a new perspective. 

Juan Echenique and Fumi Gomez have also been developing a career in film, producing 12 short films and 2 feature films between 2015 and 2023.

As an actor, Juan Echenique has had a long career back in Spain and, since moving to London, he has worked in theatre, television, and as a voiceover artist. It's worth noting his role as King Ferdinand of Spain in the Starz TV show The White Princess, alongside Jodie Comer and Rossi de Palma.

Right now, Juan Echenique is working on his third feature film, Alice and Bob, as well as creating new film and TV projects.

He has also worked as a tabletop game designer for five years, releasing titles such as Skyrim: The Adventure Game and SPECTRE, based on the universe of James Bond.

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