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Associate Artists

This year we have received over 700 short plays. We are incredibly thankful to our amazing associate artists who have taken the time, and given us their input by helping us go through all of the the scripts. Thanks to them we are able to find the scripts that best fit our festival. Without you we'd be lost.



Julia Warren
Jasmine Teo
Lisa Friedrich
Evy Barry 
Victor Correia
Matt Neubauer
Geoffrey Williams
Natalie Winter
Daniela Cristo
Zhui Ning Chang
Rosie Jane
Sammy Attalah

Special thanks to all the AI engineers and scientists involved. Our headlining show Antarctica would not exist without their generosity, knowledge and creativity:

Bella Spencer,  Alice Taylor-Gee, Samuel Budd, Hugh O’Brien, Irina Grigorescu, Jonathan Jackson, Virginia Fernandez, Sofia Monaci, Amer Ajanovic, Marica Muffoletto, Robert Holland and Dr. Sari Kovats, PhD.

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