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We've recently learned that there are more people like us, trying to promote Science Fiction in the UK. We're talking about underground groups, barely connected between each other, survivors in a dystopian era of naturalism and kitchen sink dramas. It's a tough world out there, where dog eats dog, and only the strong prevails. 

We want to unite and collaborate. We want to invade the world of naturalism, abduct the salt of the Earth characters, and stand as an evil mega corporation, a Big Brother that watches all that happens in every theatre in the world. This is an inspiring challenge. We are not afraid to admit that we feel lonely. And helpless. 


Now, with that in mind, we would like you to picture some cute kittens, puppies, and squirrels. If you need additional inspiration, you can use the catstronaut picture we have conveniently placed below. Yes, picture those furry soul stealers, and now think about us. Do that between ten and a hundred times. If at any point you feel your emotional cortex is getting numb, change the source of the cuteness.


I trust you have done as instructed, because the next step will require all of your empathy and fluffy neural centers to be hyper active. Here it goes:

We need your help. Or your money. Or both.

Above this words, you will find the option to donate money to the cause, via PayPal. It's the red button -for cohesiveness' sake- with the label "Help the Catstronaut". Click it. Don't think about it too much. Just donate all you can, and then some more. Consider this: Is your children's education worth more than helping some people bring Science Fiction to the stage? Before answering that, think about the kittens and the puppies. 


Apart from donating, if you are an artist of any kind, and you think your contribution would make this project better in any way, we encourage you to drop us a line or two -a full email would be ideal, but we don't judge brevity- through the Contactsection. We are a very open and welcoming bunch, and we are eager to enlist people willing to help or just be part of our growing community.





Think about the kittens.

Think about the puppies.

Help the catstronaut reach the stars.

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