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Written by: Juan Echenique

Directed by: Fumi Gomez

Cast: Rosie Jane and Juan Echenique

A plastic surgeon willing to push the boundaries of medicine

A star chef desperate to regain his youth

Gastronomy meets surgery





Angel Belmonte, star chef, meets Amanda Stuart, a plastic surgeon specialised in stem cell research. Together, they embark in a clandestine journey of scientific discovery, pushing the ethical boundaries of modern medicine. As their research brings in awe inspiring results, their personal differences make them drift further and further apart.

Rosie Jane

Rosie is currently known for her role in Doctor Who as Bill Potts’ Mum, in series 10. She is originally from Bristol but moved to London where she currently lives, to train at East 15 Drama school. 

After her training she took a social Satire show she co-wrote called “What I really wanted to say was” to the Camden Fringe and Voila Europe Festival. She is a fan of the Sci-Fi genre and very much looking forward to performing at this Festival.


Twitter: @the_rosie_jane

Facebook: rjaneyy

Instagram: The_rosie_jane 


Spotlight: LINK

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Juan Echenique

Actor/writer Juan Echenique is one of the founders of Horatio Productions. He has been writing science fiction since he was a teenager. His work with Horatio Productions is focused in translating science fiction into theatre.


Spotlight: LINK

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