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Science Fiction Theatre Festival: Antarctica


19th - 23rd May 2020 London,UK

 7pm, 3:30pm

Submissions for Horatio Productions' Science Fiction Theatre Festival 2020 are now closed.

Attention Playwrights!

For more submission opportunities, visit for a list of tons of contests and other play submission opportunities with deadlines coming up this month.


We have received almost 700 short plays this year and although we're thrilled reading so many scripts we are a very small team so please bear with us. We will get in touch with all the writers as soon as we have any updates about the festival. Thank you for your patience!


This will be the third edition of the festival. The festival is headlined by Horatio Productions' latest show, which is on every day of the festival followed by short plays. This year's production is called Antarctica written and performed by Juan Echenique, directed by Fumi Gomez. The short plays are selected and curated carefully by the core members of the company: Juan and Fumi. Please keep in mind that the short plays DO NOT need to be inspired by Antarctica, climate change or AI. If they are great, if they aren't that's great too. We just want mind-blowing sci-fi short plays!  

Submissions open:

We're looking for groundbreaking short science fiction plays, for writers coming from all walks of life, for daring and innovative creators, for new ideas, revolutionary dreams, crazy stories, for the bold, the daring, and the unique. These are the details:

  • Length: Up to 15 minutes per play.

  • Cast: Up to 4 performers.

  • Set restrictions: The stage will be shared with several other companies; time for setting up will be minimal, so don't submit anything that involves complicated set design, or too many props.

  • Submission limit: Writers can submit as many plays as they want. We will do our best to read all the material sent, and to get back to every applicant in due time. We do not encourage re-submissions unless substantial edits have been made to the script.

  • International entries are welcome. You do not have to be based in the UK, but the play must be in English language.

  • Deadline: Saturday 1st of February 2020. Plays sent after this date won't be considered for the festival. 

Selection process:

Once the deadline is closed, we'll read all of the plays submitted. Yes, all of them. From beginning to end. We'll select between 16 and 20 plays, and get back to every writer who has applied. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide feedback. Sometimes, if necessary, we will ask writers for edits, but only if there is something that we really need changed in order to program the play. Edits are generally related to length, or number of characters.

What happens next:

The selected plays will be paired with directors and cast, and will be given one or two slots during the festival. This means that, as a writer, once you have submitted your play, and done any necessary edits, your work is done (unless you want to get involved in a different capacity as well). Once the festival is over, we will share any profit between all participants. We have an open books policy.


This project is currently on a profit share basis. 


​How to apply:

1) Fill in this form: 

2) Send your script to: 

We are aiming to program up to 20 short plays during the festival. Depending on the quality of the material received, and the length of the plays selected, that number could change. 

We look forward to reading your science fiction plays!

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