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Louis Savy

Kevin Hopgood

Juan Echenique

Founder and festival director of Sci-Fi-London.

Website: LINK

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I started my comics career in the mid-1980s, working as a penciller on the Marvel UK strip Zoids. Work for various titles followed, including Action Force, Doctor Who and 2000 AD. I went on to a three year stint as penciller for Iron Man for Marvel in the US. During my tenure I co-created the characters War Machine and Hulkbuster , who both feature prominently in the recent Avengers 2 movie.

I currently divide my time between working in comics and the wider world of children's illustration.

Website: LINK

Wikipedia: LINK

Actor/writer Juan Echenique is one of the founders of Horatio Productions. He has been writing science fiction since he was a teenager. His work with Horatio Productions is focused in translating science fiction into theatre.


Spotlight: LINK

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