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Blind Sided

Blind Sided embeds a hair-raising but absolutely credible technological advance into present day life in the suburbs.  In an effort to cap off the fallout from a tidal wave of over 50 divorces, the government licenses companies to sell a drug treatment which allows a person to live alongside a destested partner without feeling in any way compromised.  The fallout creates a wave of events which  transform quiet suburban lives into high drama worthy of a Greek tragedy.

By Jonathan Holloway
Jonathan is an unusually prolific practitioner who combines artistic substance with broad audience appeal.  He has written (published, performed, broadcast) and directed for theatre and radio/podcasting in the UK and abroad, most recently Hello Caller, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and The Double for the BBC.  He was for 27 years Artistic Director of the ACE portfolio company Red Shift, and was Associate Director of Chung Ying Theatre Company Hong Kong 2015-2017.  He has won awards inc three consecutive Edinburgh Fringe Firsts; The Shakespeare Prize at The World Festival of Theatre Chile; First Prize at The Prix Italia (for 1984 starring Christopher Eccleston).  Jonathan was Artist in Residence at The Central School of Speech and Drama (2009-2011) and at Kingston University (2012-2014).  His professional archive is lodged with The Library Royal Holloway University of London and he is represented by Berlin Associates.

Directed by Laura Clifford

Laura Clifford recently directed Entropy (Underbelly, Ed Fringe & White Bear Theatre) and The Monkey’s Paw at The Bread and Roses Theatre, where she was Associate Emerging Director in 2017. She has previously assisted at Theatre503 and directed at their Rapid Wright Response nights.

Cast: Sara Galvin, Lilly Driscoll, Joel De Villiers, Ian Black

The Fail of Man

Years after a robot uprising wiped out most of humanity, one android scientist brings the last survivors to a secret laboratory to study a glitch in the human brain. This is a one-robot show

By Russell Nichols
Russell Nichols is a speculative fiction writer and endangered journalist. Raised in the Bay Area, California, he sold all his stuff in 2011 and now lives out of a backpack with his wife, vagabonding around the world. His plays have been produced by Navigators Theater, MOJOAA Performing Arts Company, the Funhouse Anthology and the Fade to Black Festival. His very first published work was a poem about insomnia he wrote when he was eight. It was called "Bedtime Struggles.” He's been woke ever since. Look for him at

Directed by Fumi Gomez

Click here for full bio.

Cast: Mark Ota

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